A device to prevent back pain
March 2019

Correct-a-Spine was a hackathon entry for Imperial College Health Hack 19.

Problems with posture arise because of upper and lower back problems, but the current technologies only focus on monitoring one of these. This means that patients with chronic back pain are not getting the information they need to improve their posture and reduce their pain. Therefore, we decided to use an accelerometer and flex sensor to measure both upper and lower back position, in order to prevent both kinds of back pain with a single device.

This resulted in Correct-a-Spine, an iOS app which can monitor and help you correct your posture to reduce back pain.

The app worked by connecting to an Arduino, which sent data via Bluetooth to the iOS device. Using this data, we could advise the user on how they should change their posture in order to reduce the risk of back pain.

Since this was only a Hackathon project, we only created a rough v1, as you can see in the images, however if continued, Correct-a-Spine would incorporate machine learning in order to learn about its user and give them the best possible advice. We'd achieve this by working alongside medical professionals.

Correct-a-Spine Flex Sensor

Correct-a-Spine Accelerometer

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