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This repo has 739 commits. The most recent commit was on Monday, 06 September at 20:50 and it update skills.json.

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💡 Idea inspired by my old site and

My most listened to song this week is Where Did You Go? (feat. MNEK) by Jax Jones. I've listened to it 47 times!

This month, I've been listening to a lot of Taylor Swift and Charlie Puth.

Taylor Swift

337 plays

Charlie Puth

151 plays

Miley Cyrus

60 plays

Omar Rudberg

55 plays

Some of my top albums from the last year are by Taylor Swift and Zara Larsson.

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More data sources to be added soon!

What is this page?

I love data, and I also love creating things. I wanted to combine loads of APIs I have access to and see what I could create.

I continued using APIs as I had from the previous version of my site, but since I was statically generating my site, I didn't need to limit myself to using only APIs. I saw an example on where Sam used scripts to generate stats on each site build, and decided to try implementing something similar myself.

However, I then also wanted to be able to make the stats work in real time, rather than just on each build, which is why I am currently working on a new iteration of this page, which connects to my own NodeJS server to provide real-time stats! This is a WIP page that I hope to integrate gradually into this page.

As of now, this page is generated on every site build, running scripts locally using git hooks, and on the build machine using a shell script.