Recording ideas in Trello

Automating My Life: Part 2 of 3

September 17, 2020

Don't you hate it when you're lying in bed, and you come up with a brilliant idea. The next big thing. You contemplate writing it down somewhere, but it's so amazing, you think "Why bother? I'll definitely remember it in the morning!". Then morning comes, and you can't remember it at all.

Worst. Feeling. Ever.

I've done this many times, especially in the process of making this site, and so I wanted to create a shortcut to help prevent this.

This was actually a pretty simple shortcut to set up, but saves me SO much time.

Here's what the widget setup looks like in the Shortcuts app:

Trello Automation Widget in Shortcuts App

I start by creating a new shortcut and adding the 'Add Trello Card' action.

I set the first argument to 'Ask Each Time' - this allows me to write the note I want to jot down.

The next argument is where on the list I want to add the trello card to - I chose the bottom, since I don't want all my older ideas to get pushed to the bottom of the pile and forgotten.

The third argument is which list I want to add it to - in my trello board, I split my lists into:

  • MVP: Minimum Viable Product (A feature which I need to add)
  • NTH: Nice to Have (Something which isn't urgent but would be cool)
  • Vx: My Final Vision (really cool but out-there ideas)

I again set this to 'Ask Each Time', so I can pick the priority of the feature right in the shortcut.

Finally, I choose the board - in this case, my 'Website' board.

...and that's it! As I said, it's a pretty simple shortcut, but it's one of my most useful ones. I have it in my shortcut widget on my home screen, as you can see below, so I can click it any time, day or night!

Homescreen Widgets

Once the widget has run, I have all of my ideas at my fingertips whilst I am developing. You can see a sneak peek of a few here:

Trello Board

If you're running an iOS device, you can download the shortcut here! (Note: You need to 'Allow Untrusted Shortcuts' in settings to download it, or just recreate it yourself!)

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