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Automating My Life: Part 3

What were those lyrics?

October 21, 2020

A shortcut which tells me the lyrics I just heard in a song

Another pet peeve of mine is when you're listening to a song, and you can't understand what they're saying. Sure, you can go look up the lyrics, but that takes time, and you have to scroll through and try to figure out which part of the song it was. I wanted a way to just click a button and see what…

Automating My Life: Part 2

Recording ideas in Trello

September 17, 2020

A shortcut to record any ideas I have for this site on my Trello board

Don't you hate it when you're lying in bed, and you come up with a brilliant idea. The next big thing. You contemplate writing it down somewhere, but it's so amazing, you think "Why bother? I'll definitely remember it in the morning!". Then morning comes, and you can't remember it at all. Worst…

Automating My Life: Part 1

Why automation?

August 15, 2020

Why do I want to make my day-to-day life as automated as possible?

A few weeks ago, Apple opened up the iOS 14 Beta to the public, and as I do every year, I downloaded it. However, this year, I decided to put it on my daily driver. Usually I play around with the latest updates on an old phone I have lying around. However this year, since I'm working from home, my…

Developing My Ideal Personal Portfolio Website: Part 6

Coding a CV in React

May 18, 2020

A guide on how I created my current CV, which integrates directly into my site!

Everyone has a CV, and I've had many iterations over the years. Most recently, I'd been using to build mine. This was working really well, however it was a pain to update. Every time I changed something, I had to log in, change the details, check the layout still worked and fix if needed, download…

Developing My Ideal Personal Portfolio Website: Part 5


May 13, 2020

How I made my site scream ME

The point of making this site was to make it a place to store information about myself. Whether it be for myself, as an easy reference place to look up things I've done, or a place where others can learn more about me, I want it to feel like something I've made. This led to the next step…

Developing My Ideal Personal Portfolio Website: Part 4

Adding Content

May 08, 2020

How I chose what I wanted to share about myself with the world

The next stage of creating the site: adding content! What is a CMS A allows the content of a site to be separated from the implementation. I decided to use Netlify CMS with my site. Choosing Content for CMS Firstly, as I mentioned last time, I needed to choose which content to integrate with my CMS…

Developing My Ideal Personal Portfolio Website: Part 3

Where to start?

May 06, 2020

A guide on how to start setting up a Gatsby Site with Custom CSS and Netlify CMS

Now I've decided what tech I want to use, but where do I start? Starting off a project always seems daunting, especially when you've never used the technologies before, but I find that a good tutorial can get you up to grips and feeling confident quickly. The Initial Setup The first thing I did was…

Developing My Ideal Personal Portfolio Website: Part 2

Choosing my Tech Stack

May 05, 2020

How I researched and decided on what technologies to create this site with

One thing I knew for this iteration of my personal website was that I was going to research my tech stack a lot more thoroughly than I had before. There were three key areas I wanted to look into: the framework, styling and hosting. Framework So I knew I wanted my site to be fast, and so I thought…

Developing My Ideal Personal Portfolio Website: Part 1


May 03, 2020

The first blog post in my series documenting the creation of my new personal website

Back in 2015, I decided that I wanted to create my own website; a place where I could share projects I'd worked on, and use as on "online CV" for future University and Job applications. I've worked on this concept of a personal portfolio over the years, but have always used it as a way to practice…